Can I have custom items made ?
Absolutely ! , that's what we love and is our specialty at Made.    

Are there minimum quantities ?
Mostly NO , for some items YES , confused ?
Please send me an enquiry by phone or email and we can discuss your needs as every project differs. 

How do I order ?
Once we've finalised your selection , we email you an order confirmation and a deposit or full payment request , once that is paid we spring into action to produce your wonderful furniture pieces , the best way to confirm an order is to email us @  jason@madefurn.com.au 

What is the design & production process for each project or piece ?
We're here to work with you to create something great together !
So firstly we'll meet in person , talk or email to go over your brief. 
Various images and ideas are sent back and forward , importantly Coffee is consumed !
During each discussion we can make suggestions or offer alternatives , and once we've narrowed down the essence of what you need we work closely with our suppliers to produce the highest quality product factoring in Aesthetic , Suitability  , Budget , and Lead time .    

What are the lead times ?
They can vary from 5 days - 2 weeks if an item is stocked .
Most pieces/projects will take between 4-6 weeks to produce .
Some imported pieces can take 10-12 weeks 

Do I have to pay in full before I order ?
Depending on what you order ( a single piece or a range of products for a project ) 
We may ask you to pay in full before the order proceeds , however with most projects a 50% deposit is required , with the balance payable before delivery .
We will discuss your payment requirements as the quote is produced .

Any other questions ?
Please send them through @ jason@madefurn.com.au